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August 2018 Premium Sketchbox

This post may contain affiliate links to products mentioned. I may receive a small kickback from purchases made through these links to keep providing artsy content!

Month 2, diving back into challenging myself with miscellaneous art supplies! This one contained a surprise....for me.

This month, we received some new supplies. new they aren't even available for purchase yet. These Derwent lightfast colored pencils are oil based and blend super smoothly and are heavily pigmented. They are certainly different! Also included was a single PolyChromos colored pencil (Many of the artists I follow on Youtube use these so it was fun to get a hold of one!), a beautiful thick 9b graphite pencil, a nifty eraser/sharpener set, and 3 Derwent Graphitint pencils. The star of this box was certainly the lightfast oil pencils. The colors are certainly a skin-tone palette, and while I love art of faces and people, I'm still practicing with using these colors to achieve a realistic skin look, so I turned to what I like doing best.

This was actually the 3rd piece I ended up doing, and the only one I felt like sharing with social media. To be honest, I didn't even like this piece a lot to begin with, but I was able to incorporate all tools, as well as utilize the water-soluble Graphitint pencils in the background.

I would like to play more with the lightfast pencils, and use them as I practice more with skin tone. I think they are perfect for my exploratory sketches. I really like the graphitint pencils and how easily they can be manipulated with water. They are vibrant and rich when just laid down like a colored pencil but explode with the feeling of watercolor once activated. Also, my art used to be exclusively black and grey, so using the thick, soft graphite pencil was nostalgic and pleasing to me. Normally, I wouldn't use that kind of pencil with these colors/materials, but I enjoyed the effect I got by combining them all with this piece!

The surprise? Sketchbox liked my photo on Instagram and it will be the featured box art for next month! So I'm pretty darn excited about that!


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