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New Year Scheduling Changes

Going forward, I will be scheduling tattoo appointments in 3 month blocks. Once March is full, my books will close. I will reopen my books in the first half of March and will be scheduling for April-June. I will close them again once these 3 months are full. This will help me better organize my own schedule as well as give realistic expectations for new and existing clientele.

Anyone with ongoing large projects will be emailed prior to books opening and will have priority for that 3 month block. These clients will have a week to claim appointment slots.

My draw day will be moving to Tuesday beginning mid January, so available tattoo days will be Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Mondays will be reserved for make-up days in the event of illnesses or approved reschedules.

What about flash and Get What You Get tattoos? I will be leaving a few days in my schedule each block for walk-in days where you can choose original flash (that will be updated frequently!) or to take a chance on a GWYG tattoo! In addition, I’ll post to social media (stories and timeline) if/when a space becomes available for these.

Have a great new year! I'm excited to see what awesome projects we get to work on together in 2022!✨


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