The Artist : Kae Hutchens

I love making art, whether it is colorful florals with crisp, bold, tattoo-style linework or crazy, abstracts. I have a varied approach to painting and drawing, and it truly is a coin flip on whether I have sketched out 20 thumbnails or if I've just gone straight to canvas with a brush or palette knife! I am a fan of paintings that look like paintings, so you will frequently find heavy brush strokes in my work. My favorite mediums are pen and ink and acrylic paint, though I do occasionally play with watercolor, markers, graphite, and oils.

I am greatly inspired by nature and photography of nature. My faith drives a lot of my abstract works, as do stories and poetry. My favorite color schemes are cool blues, purples, greys, and muted greens.

I have been tattooing since 2005, and my favorite subject is flowers - of any kind. I am currently working at W Tattoo in Tyler, TX. Check out the Contact page to inquire about consultations and appointments.

When I'm not in the studio, I am enjoying spending time with my husband and son, playing video or board games, drinking coffee, or reading on the couch with my three fluffy cats.

I am currently taking classes and working on rounding out my art education, as I'd like to do illustrations for children's books, RPG's, and maybe even video game concept art.

You can find me online on

Instagram : @kaehutchens

Facebook : Kae Hutchens SkinandCanvas

Twitter : @kaehutchens

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