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Want a custom Kittipuff designed based on your own pet? Maybe you want to see what a round feline version of your favorite animated character would look like. Select this item and add details to the notes section! Let me know things like what your pet enjoys doing, any favorite foods or toys, silly things that remind you of them, etc. Are they missing a tail? Have a notch in their ear? Anything to help me bring personality to your own Kittipuff!

Please choose your size from the drop down menu. Pen and Marker original illustrations come in 4”x4” and 4”x6” currently. I can do up to 2 Kittipuffs on 4"x6" illustrations. Want something even bigger? Email for larger commissions.

Feel free to email ( any pictures of your cat to help me get as close to your furchild as possible.

NOTE : Please allow up to 2 weeks for item to be completed before it is mailed!

Custom Kittipuff Commission

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