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100 Faces Challenge (1-10)

I am not good at drawing faces. Never have been. The most success I've had in drawing faces is using a grid system, and while I believe there is nothing wrong with that method, I'd love to get better without having to spend the time drawing out grids.

I've seen many people I follow on social media doing the 100 faces challenge and it inspired me and scared me at the same time. Seriously, one hundred of them? I can hardly get through one without wanting to crumple the page up. Despite these feelings, I decided that I could use a challenge, and maybe throughout the process I'd learn a thing or two. There will be 10 blog posts about this challenge, as I'll share 10 faces per post. I hope to look back through these posts in the future and see progress from sketch #1 all the way to sketch #100.

Below are sketches 1-10 in order.

Sketch 1 was...difficult for me. I could've chosen an easier one to start with, I suppose, but if I'm gonna dive in, I might as well just go for it. I do feel like my approach has improved since sketch 1. I'm keeping my sketch work visible to see my process as I learn, as far as proportions and such, then defining details in ink. Sketches 5, 7, and 10 are my favorites right now, although 8 was the most visually appealing to work on.

I look forward to the next 10 and progressively learning more, and hopefully, getting better!

Have you ever done an art challenge? If so, which one(s)?

If you'd like to see photos I'm using as reference, feel free to check out my Pinterest Board!

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