100 Faces Challenge (11-20)

There was entirely too long between my first 10 post and this one, especially considering I want to finish this challenge before the end of the year! Let's get a move on, shall we?

I feel like I was still really struggling on 11-14. I completed these before Inktober and while they do resemble the models, I'm still needing practice. I decided to put my efforts into Inktober instead of dividing my attention to two projects. I picked back up on this challenge in November and starting using more contrast to get my point across. And let me tell you, I like it.

The one I struggled with most here was the baby. Proportions on babies/kids are so hard, especially when I am still learning the structure of an adult face. This is one that I'll probably come back to at the end of the challenge and see if I can improve on it. 18 also proved somewhat difficult, as I know the overall structure isn't correct. I learned some things through this one, though.

I REALLY enjoyed working on 19, and I felt a lot stronger going into 20. I feel like I've made a lot of improvements since sketch 1 and I'm looking forward to the next 80!

If you are interested in seeing the faces I'm using as reference throughout this challenge, please check out my Pinterest reference board.