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2023 Updates and Changes

It's that time again!

My draw days have returned to Thursdays and will continue to be so going forward.

I will be continuing the quarterly block scheduling approach that I used for most of 2022. My books will open on the following days for the months in parentheses…

Dec 8, 2022 (Jan-Mar 2023)

Mar 8, 2023 (Apr-June 2023)

June 8, 2023 (July-Sept 2023)

Sept 8, 2023 (Oct-Dec 2023)

Ongoing/rescheduled projects will be contacted on Dec 1, Mar 1, June 1, and Sept 1 respectively and given 1 week to claim appointment slots before the books open to the public.

Deposits for appointments scheduled in each block must be paid by the final day of the scheduling month, or the appointment slot will be given to another client.

Y’all showed me that Flash Fridays were a needed thing this past year. In 2023, I will continue this flash-only style walk-in offering 1x/month but will be rebranded as Walk-In Saturdays. There is a better chance of me being able to stay later with this change, as well as being more accessible to more people. On months where we already have an event going on (Friday the 13th, shop anniversaries, Halloween parties, etc) there will not be a separate walk-in Saturday. As always, you can visit and see upcoming event days on the front page.

And for the “duh” portion of today’s announcement - all of my other policies still stand. My minimum is $100, and all deposits are $100. If you no-call no-show your appointment or arrive more than 30 minutes late, especially without contacting me ahead of time, your deposit is forfeit. This is disrespectful to me as an artist and to everyone who didn’t get on the schedule because that slot was taken. I had several people this year that clearly did not read my appointment/deposit policies (despite the link to said policies being an item requiring a check mark on the consultation form), and I don’t like having to be an ass so please make sure to read them to avoid the frustration for both of us!


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