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COVID-19 Coping

I've avoided making posts during this time, but after a few days of consideration, thought that perhaps actually using my blog here would be beneficial. If anything, just for me.

So, I've never taken this long of a break from tattooing. Like...ever. I've had some really bad days during this quarantine, and some really great ones. Full zone-out days where all I do is eat and nap and play Animal Crossing and never get out of pajamas, and productive days full of art, cleaning, actual clothes and showers. I think its pretty normal given the circumstances, but it is so strange for me. I am very much a natural introvert, but it seems that when I'm told to be an introvert or I can't work, I want to rebel.

I thought I'd share some more detailed updates about happenings of the last couple of months. I wrapped up as many projects as I could in Indiana before the big move. My big send-off was the Friday the 13th tattoo event at Tattoo KAIJU and it was a blast. I miss my KAIJU fam terribly, and I know they are stuck in the same position as I am. We arrived in Texas, I managed to do 2 tattoos before the lock-down. In fact, I was working on my first tattoo here when Greg Abbott announced that tattoo shops needed to shut down. I was bummed since I finally had a chance to hang out with my new co-workers, but it is what it is.

I've done a few digital illustrations during this down-time and come up with 10-15 new tattoo designs as of this post. I am grateful for support as some people have commissioned me for custom Kittipuff illustrations, and I've fit those in as I've had the time. I've also spent an incredible amount of time playing Animal Crossing : New Horizons. Possibly over 100 hours worth, but that isn't what we are discussing...haha.

With our new home came a lot of room to garden. I really do enjoy gardening, both just to enjoy the growth but also to harvest food for cooking and canning. With my grandmother's and mother's help, I was able to get a nice raised bed in front of my house filled with several herbs and vegetables. I also have a beautiful pink and white rose plant out back waiting to be moved to a bigger pot. I've also finally had a chance to start a little succulent garden as well. I love them and my little collection makes me very happy.

I am anxious to get back to work, but also trying to take time for some self-reflection, organization, and style exploration. I'm hoping to come back to tattooing with bigger and better ideas. I'm excited to have new coworkers to learn from and share ideas with. In the meantime...


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