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Friday the 13TH Flash Event at Tattoo KAIJU

Friday the 13TH flash sheet now available! This will be my last day tattooing before I leave for Texas!


Get in line early for this one so you don’t miss out.

🍀Doors will open at 12:00 PM and you will come in and sign your name and choose your tattoo design and artist. I suggest lining up early before we open. PLEASE NOTE that adding your name to my list doesn’t guarantee a tattoo. I am human, not a machine, and will be working at a steady pace and I am willing to work until midnight for this event, no further.

☘️ You may leave and come back but if your name is called and you are not present, we will move on to the next name.

💰Prices will be $50 each and black and grey.

🎨Designs will be flash only with no modifications to speed up the process. You may choose up to 3 colors for an additional $10 per color.

💪🦵🍑Tattoo locations for this event include arms, legs, and butt cheeks!

🚫No hands, feet, heads, or torsos.

🚫No gift cards can be redeemed at this special event

‼️Limit 2 tattoos per person. You may sign up for other artists AFTER you have already been tattooed.

👾Don’t forget your tip your artist!

Please be sure to check out @tattookaiju for more specials by @chrismcvillain @tattoosbymars and @annietheimpaler, plus guest artist @tpucks_tattoo


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