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Inktober 2019 Completed!

I kept up and finished Inktober on time! This is the first year that I've successfully kept to the *official* prompt list by Jake Parker, so I was pleased with that.

However, I will admit that I found the list to be...somewhat boring. I feel like I managed some really fun creative ones this year, and one silly one. Otherwise, I felt like I was stretching to come up with something just to get it done and over with for the day. Last year's project was much more engaging and enjoyable.

I will be seriously considering creating my own prompt list next year. I've been listening to a lot of arguments against Inktober for individuals already engaged in creative fields as it distracts from other projects that need work, and I can't deny the validity of that. I did find myself scrambling some days and stressing over a project that is supposed to be light.

That being said, I learn something every year that I complete Inktober, and this year was no different. This year I did learn some things about negative space and how to better place images on a piece of paper. Normally this would be a "well, duh" thing, but I did struggle to fill the page some days, and other days I was a bit too ambitious. Give and take, I suppose!

I also managed to tattoo a couple images from this project, and will be refining a few others to make available as designs. So, overall, I felt that the month was productive and the time was well spent.

Do you participate in Inktober? If so, what list did you follow this year? What did you learn?



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