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Relocation Announcement!

By the time I get this posted, I’ll have spent days writing, deleting, re-writing, trying to find all the right words.

I have accepted a job offer at a new studio being opened in Tyler, TX. My last day working in Bloomington will be in the second half of March, 2020. Many will ask why, and I can share the top reasons being wanting more room to grow, and to be closer to my family.

I have spent most of my career in Bloomington and it has helped me grow in so many ways, I can’t even begin to list them. This was not an easy decision, as my clientele list has grown over the last few years. It will be bittersweet to leave Bloomington full-time, and the amazing co-workers and clients I’ve worked with, but it is not a forever goodbye. This move includes a caveat : that I WILL return to Bloomington 1-2x a year to guest spot at Tattoo KAIJU to work on ongoing projects and work with my amazing clients that would prefer to keep the same artist. I included this so that everyone knows I am not abandoning good ol’ Btown, and I’ll be visiting somewhat often. I’m also more than happy to give recommendations for the best local artist for your project if I’m not around when you need something done!

That being said, I’ve been busy the last few days working to catch up on projects that have deposits (within the past 6 months, otherwise deposits expired) and will be reaching out specifically to those of you with long-term project deposits. I am willing to work extended hours to fit as many people in as possible before I leave, so please don’t hesitate to PM or email me with appointment inquiries and I’ll do my best to fit you in!


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