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Return to Bloomington 8/13/20

Dear Bloomington,

Wow, what a wild year this has been so far. I started 2020 by announcing I was moving across the country to try to broaden my horizons. However, none of us could predict the world-wide pandemic that hit us all. Trying to manage my life and finances and career in the midst of it proved to me that sadly, this was not the right time for me to try to uproot my family and build new clientele. Hindsight is 20/20....especially in 2020.

That being said, I'm making this announcement that I am coming back to Bloomington (for good), and will be tattooing at Tattoo KAIJU beginning Tuesday, August 18th!

Some things to note : ✨I am still operating on an appointment only basis - please fill out a consultation form (found on the Contact page) to book your appointment!

✨As always, I will require a deposit. I am giving an extra $50 credit to anyone who fills out a consultation form -and- pays a deposit via Venmo (@kaehutchens) before August 13th. This will help me with some security on my journey back home, and give you some bonus tattoo time when I get there!

Please direct all inquiries to my email/through my consultation form!


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